Thunderous applause surrounds as While She Waits takes the stage…This is a common occurrence when this commanding Southern Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona is introduced. Comprised of 4 top musicians (Matthew Kohlman/Guitar and back-up vocals, Tim Rooen/Guitar, Aaron Belk/Drums, Dave Vessels/Bass) and their powerhouse lead singer, AdrianNiece. While She Waits is on the rise in the music scene. Their hit single “Better Than You” has been getting radio play on Rock 105.9 Alabama, 103.9 Eagle Rock Flagstaff, 90.1 KSYM in San Antonio and 92.3 KOMP in Las Vegas as well as several college and internet radio stations. With influences spanning from Black Label Society and Metallica all the way to Creedence Clearwater Revival, While She Waits has taken Modern Rock to a whole new level of defiant with their influence of a southern sound. While She Waits members have toured/played with such national acts as Queensryche, Godsmack, Tantric Hoobastank, Fuel, Linkin Park and more. Music Junkie Press calls While She Waits “…a Rock n Roll freight train you just have to hop on board and enjoy…” (…). As 2018 starts so does a new chapter for While She Waits with an upcoming album and music video release coming in April. Supporting tour dates will be released at that time as well. While She Waits looks forward to rocking a town near you soon.

Their members have toured or played with such national acts as Queensryche, Godsmack, Hoobastank, Fuel, and Linkin Park. Any show with While She Waits proves to be a night of fun as they bring to life their Southern rock sound and come rumblin’ in like a rock and roll freight train. Their music is filled with catchy hooks, powerful lyrics, nice thunderous double bass drums like cannons being set off, amid some crunchy slamming bass lines. From first listen, their music enters, and you literally feel all your senses awaken and you are held captive by their songs.

While She Waits has received radio play on 98 KUPD Phoenix, 105.9 in Alabama, 103.7 The Eagle in Flagstaff, SiriusXM Octane, as well as several internet radio stations. They have endorsements from several big companies including ESP Guitars, Ink Army, Fishman, Larson, Swiss Picks and many more.

Quite frankly, if you haven’t heard of them yet, be prepared to be blown away when they come stomping to a town near you.

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