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Adrian Niece has always had music around in his life’s even from an early age. His grandfather, a country artist would always play out at clubs, venues and Legion Halls. His grandfather would be his biggest inspiration. His roots are southern rock and country, it’s in his blood. Starting out in his first band he was singing more metal/punk/thrash. But always longed to get back to his roots. 

When that band ended with a 4 year run, he was burnt out, debating on quitting music altogether. Then by chance a second project come about. But was unfortunately very short-lived, due to creative differences, people moving on with their lives. Separate directions. Then without a band, decided to take a break from music. But with music always in the back of his mind, like a scratch you can’t itch or a thirst you can’t quench. 
He refused to give up. 

Months turned into a couple years with failed attempts to get back in the swing of things. Then by some sort of fate While She Waits called his name. The bell had been rung and it’s was time. 
He was finally on his way

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Tim has been classically trained in music since the age of 10 while playing the elementary school band. That’s right Tim was a band geek.  Tim developed very quick in music as he was moved up in difficulty almost instantly. Tim was also one of the few students at age 11 that were asked to play in the Peoria District Honor Jazz Band. In this group is where Tim really learned to play live, improvise, and learn to create.

Tim’s path to the rock world started 5 years later when a close friend suggested they start a band. This was the first time Tim picked up a guitar. Since that point Tim has continually been writing, arranging, recording and producing original music. Tim has been in a slew of local bands, such as Lost In Lies, Auralast and Pushreck (which later turned into Farcture Point).  Some of these groups had moderate success and others that went nowhere. Tim kept at it because of his love for music and passion for performing live.

Tim first met and collaborated with James in 2003 for only a brief period but, their creative minds were instantly on the same track. Once that project fizzled away Tim and James both had success in other projects. This only made Tim and James stronger and more developed in their skills. Tim and James crossed paths again while in the Arizona music scene both played multiple shows in each other’s respective bands. So when James started forming While She Waits it was a no brainer to reach out Tim knowing how he had grown as a musician, plus it help he was dating Tim’s sister.

Together Tim and James have once again created new music and toured the country with bands such as Tantric, Hoobastank, Puddle of Mudd, etc. Tim and James, now brother-in-law’s, added members Dave, Matt and Aaron and have continued to take While She Waits to new levels while giving fans the time of their lives at any place they play.


Matt got started with music playing the trumpet in elementary school before picking up the guitar in high school. From there he spent time playing in various local rock and metal bands before ending up playing in While She Waits. Up till this point while playing in other bands he has had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as Queensryche, Turisas, White Wizzard and others. He couldn’t be happier to be playing along side his new found brothers in music in While She Waits

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Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, Dave grew up playing venues across Southern California.  His bands have shared the stage with D.R.I., Death Angel, Forbidden, S.O.D., and many others.  His influences include Cliff Burton, John Taylor, Jack Bruce, and Billy Sheehan. Dave began playing because he saw his friends were starting a band in high-school. He quickly became widely known in the Long Beach music scene through the various bands he was involved in. After moving to AZ, Dave joined While She Waits in 2014 and has been a tremendous addition to the band.


Aaron started playing drums at 13 (he always had a passion for it) when he moved to Arizona from Virginia and got a kit for his birthday. He began jamming with random guitar players such as his friend Josh Williams. Later he would join the late metal group Death On Call. Since then he moved back to Va and joined bands such as Kysmet and Rex Manning Day. Moving back to Arizona in 2007, Aaron also played with bands such as Archaic Cessation and Auralast (post Tim’s time in the band). Later, he would meet Tommy Gibbons and join his group Tommy Gibbons’ Project (TGP). Once time came to move on from TGP, Tommy began working with WSW and invited Aaron to join the group along with James and Tim. After a long run, they had a slight hiatus in late 2017, Aaron was invited to re-join the band and reclaim his drum throne. Aaron couldn’t be happier being reunited with his brothers and family and awaits the journey, great times and amazing faces across the globe.

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